Platinum Sunny Beach


Q&A about Platinum hotel.

How can I get to Platinum hotel & casino, Sunny beach?

If you are facing any difficulties contact us on +359 554 23 433.

What are the check-in and check-out hours?

The regular check-in time is 14:00h.
The regular check-out time is 12:00h.

What are the parking options at the hotel?

Platinum Hotel & Casino offers parking for all guests and it is absolutely free of charge.

May I smoke in my room?

All rooms in Platinum hotel & casino are non-smoking. However our rooms are with balconies and provide the opportunity to smoke outside the room.

Does the hotel offer wheelchair-accessible rooms?

Yes, certainly! Please contact Guest Relations department or the Recpetion desk if you would like wheelchair-accessible room.

Guest Relations Department - +359 889 901 989

Reception Desk -  +359 554 23 433

Is the mini bar paid?

Yes, the mini bar is paid. Every room at Platinum hotel & casino has Mini bar menu where you will find all prices.

Is there free Wi-Fi in the hotel?

Yes, Platinum hotel & casino offers Wi-Fi connection in every room and the whole teritory of the complex absolutely free of charge. 

If you need any assistance with the password, please contact Reception Desk.

How can I plan a special event?

If you have special event while at Platinum hotel & casino, Sunny beach and you want us to help you to surprice your loved or special once, please contact Guest Relations Department for assistance.

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