Platinum Sunny Beach


Q&A about Platinum casino.

How can I get to Platinum casino Sunny beach?

It would be our pleasure to pick you up from any location in Sunny beach and take you Platinum casino. All you need to do is to contact us on +359 554 22 311.

What do I need to visit the casino?

According to the acting Bulgarian law you will need a valid passport, ID card or driver's license. 

Persons under age of 18 are not allowed to enter the casino.

Do you have any dresscode?

No, Platinum casino doesn't require any special outfit. Out main priority is your comfort.

What currency is accepted?

Platinum casino accept EURO currency however at Cashier desk you may exchange any foreign currency.

Is there Wi-Fi at the casino?

Yes, Platinum casino offers free Wi-Fi for all its guests.

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